Curative Effect of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Crinum Giganteum on NMDA-Receptor Antagonist-Induced Schizophrenic Wistar Rat Model


CONCLUSION: Crinum giganteum extracts exhibits better curative effect than the standard antipsychotic agent.


Gosh, this is amazing…where can I get some?..though I guess its just rats its worked on.


Another groundbreaking article that will soon fade into obscurity never to be seen or heard about again.
Wake me up when they have something proven to work and not all of these shots in the dark that I seem to read about every single day.


So hurry up and produce some, what’s the holdup?
People are suffering


has anyone tried Aqueous Leaf ???


I need a sachel of these aqueous leaves


In order to prove something works, as well as or better than what is already on the market, it has to be tested. In that sense all things that eventually prove to be helpful start of as “shots in the dark”.
Maybe it will prove to be a dud but we have no way of knowing that yet . It’s only through thinking of possible remedies and testing them that better treatments for psychosis/schizophrenia will come .

To put it bluntly- STOP with the nay saying.


no more may saying from me. Just expressing my frustration at the lack of good treatments out there…


I have accessed Crinum Giganteum. And it works. Anyone that wants to try it please contact me


Bobby is it for negative or cognitive symptoms… what are u upto…??? Take care @Bobby_Lovelife


What symptoms does it work for and what other drugs are you taking?


Eagerly awaiting more info.


It’s important to read the study, not just the headline.

They treated rodents with ketamine. Then they gave some of them chlorpromazine, and some this extract.

Then they killed them and dissected their amygdala.

The rodents in the extract group had more normal amygdala.

They did not test the rodents behaviorally.

Anyway it’s worth examining this compound to see why it has the effects it does, and if it could help people, but the study does NOT say it is more effective than antipsychotics except in one measurement of the brain, in rats, in ketamine models.

Maybe if you have ketamine induced psychosis though.


It just clears and settles the mind. First time I felt a little spaced out


There is only one supplier in the whole world. Took me 3 months to find him.