' culcha ' in australia

in my local town we have run down old cottages, some one has recently renovated with neo classical greek pillars finally we have some fine architecture !?!

we have an antique shop in town with items that go as far back as 1970, they sell genuine cane furniture, wow, more culture !?!

and soon we have are annual 'dancing with the stars ( local celebrities ) ’ e.g barry the butcher, stewy the plumber and shazza the supermarket checkout chick, to mention just a few, it should be a good night…!?!

we now have a dress code in our local chinese restaurant , no thongs, or singlets…classy !?!

i could keep going, but i don’t want to over load you with culture…!!
take care


Makes me feel old darksith. To me, the seventies are recent history. I was 9 years old in 1970. The seventies seem like modern times. When I hear "antique, I think of the 20’s or 30’s or older.


Sounds exciting, especially the “Dancing with the Stars.” I was born in 1973, so I guess that makes me antique too.

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A very interesting thread you’ve made, darksith. I like culture things, it’s fun and nostalgic.

I wish to see more and more Australians posting on this forum.

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