Crystal's Help Thread! seems to be a respected source of information, for instance. It isn’t some random place on facebook. It is a government-backed, scientific site.

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How rare is it?

No idea on the numbers and it would be interesting. Some people do have insight though and it’s reported. Most get lost in delusions though.

I’m scared to stop meds but I kind of want to do it…

Plenty feel the same and that isn’t unusual. It’s a big thing to be doing taking the meds but if you hang around here long enough you see how sane that decision is to stay with treatment. Many go off medications and often that isn’t very pretty.


I guess its different if you have sz

took an online OCD screening test
got a score which means OCD is unlikely, guess I don’t have it then

Well that’s a relief, right? Are you disappointed?

I wouldn’t count on online tests being reliable, it’s best if you don’t self diagnose, if you think you have ocd, write down your symptoms and present them to your doctor! :slight_smile:

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i dont think i have it either honestly

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well id prefer OCD dx to psychosis dx even though its just psychosis NOS

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im almost convinced that these tests are wrong tbh, I got “mild to little anxiety” and “you are not likely currently suffering from an anxiety disorder” although i have been diagnosed with it

Just be careful as when I got the psychosis dx I kept denying it was schiz and I thought it was bipolar so they agreed yet I was wrong in almost everything I did trying to self diagnose… try not to worry too much about labels and just focus on telling them your symptoms … its taken about 10 years for them to finally see I am dealing with somehing completely different

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you are right. im worried though of having bipolar for example even though i show no signs of it

Schizophrenia and psychosis and bipolar etc are treatable… when they first told me I had psychosis I thought it was schiz and then they agreed… I then felt I was wrong so tried to tell them I had bipolar and looked for symptoms I thought I had but in reality I was wrong there too cos bipolar has more intense mood swings … try to move away and not think too much about the label they give you right now… let them work through this. .

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i guess youre right.

is it possible to suffer only from persecutory delusions without a psychosis diagnosis?

Don’t get caught up with a label and what you might have. Focus on getting better. I know you don’t think you need meds. Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. But you won’t feel better unless you are willing to try things, like medication.

Also it takes time. Try to be patient. I feel like you are over analyzing yourself. Let the professionals do that. Just be you.

Keep track everyday of how you feel, in a journal. Talk to the doctor about it. The doctors don’t see you in your day to day life. Keeping a journal of your feelings and behavior can help them see how you are coping everyday.


i feel better already

You didn’t realize you were delusional until you got the shot

I have some over valued ideas myself. I can work myself up to an emotional binge thinking about them. I need my med’s. I hate what they do to my body, but I like what they do to my mind. Have you ever tried Geodon? It’s been a good med. for me.