Crystal's Help Thread!

Mine could be fake psychosis? It’s so darn expensive to have it DNA tested and carbon dated in a private lab these days. I’d sure hate to think I paid all that money for something that wasn’t real.

What do you mean?

Yeah im going off my meds nothing will happen

No its not fake for you

How do you know lol? What if you become psychotic, its a possibility and you should recognize your symptoms fast.

Because everyone thinks I faked

Hopefully nothing bad will happen to you.


Some day I will tell a joke that works. Life goal!

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I’m autistic, i dont quite get jokes

Anyway was it faked??

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Maybe you had a strange moment and its nothing

Strange moment for a few years? Doubt it

@anon28145038 i doubt it honestly

Anyway how to get over the thoughts?

I believe that people with delusions do not realise theyre having delusion without meds, I realised so it isnt delusions

Insight is rare but it’s not unheard of.

I think it is good that you are researching mental illness and trying to understand your own care.

If you make a little presentation about what you have learned, with documented and respected sources, and present it to your psychiatrist, they may be impressed by your insight and listen to you more.

I’ve tried that in the past. It was important for me to not get too argumentative or aggressive, though.

It’s worth a try. I don’t know what respected sources are though?

Off meds you mean?

Yes…it’s not unheard of but it is rare.