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That’s absolutely not true. You can have delusions you have insight about and those you don’t. Those you know aren’t right and those you fervently believe are fact. That doesn’t make them any less deluded.


to have a true delusion you need to lack insight and believe in it fully

And what do you call it once you begin to gain insight?

A past delusion

But if you still believe it, even a little, it’s still an active delusion. You’re just starting to gain insight.

This is according to several psychiatrists. You can’t just Google something and assume you understand it. You seem to be playing with words to make you feel you’re right.

But if you have insight that means you don’t believe it
I don’t understand explain please

You can fully believe something is real, but also believe the people you trust aren’t lying to you when they tell you you’re wrong. You can begin to accept that maybe what you’re thinking is a delusion, while still fully believing it’s real. Just accepting that MAYBE it’s a symptom of your illness is insight. Gaining that insight doesn’t make you believe it any less.

Ah I see, I’m sorry for being wrong,

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Anyway good night y’all


No need to apologize. Learning as we go is what it’s all about.

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First Rule - Take your Bloody Medication. Dont start moaning about “side effects” “i cant sleep” “i sleep too much” - SUCK IT UP. Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to your medication. Moaning at your Psych Doctor when you only been on them a month aint gonna do much good.

And just because your feeling better - IS NOT an excuse to stop taking them.

Learn some coping skills - Try to use a bit of logic. Did your neighbour really call you a wanker!?? Or are you just paranoid!??

Take some resposibilty for your illness - and take ownership of it. Its no-ones fault (including your own) so dont start blaming your family or friends or whatever.

It is not a death sentance - you can have a normal life with schizophrenia.

Stay away from drugs, and yes that includes weed and alcohol - the meds your on simply dont mix - and it effects the efficacy of the drugs your taking.


I do not have sz but otherwise good advice i guess

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Sorry my lovely - but reading your posts - i believe you do.

The sooner you accept it - the sooner you can learn to deal with it.

You can’t diagnose anyone online

Im just going on the information you have presented over the past weeks.

No, i cannot “diagnose” - but relating to your experiences in my opinoin you do

You simply dont get sectioned and put on forced injections like you said if you havent got it.

I was sectioned cuz I was violent and the injections were because of that

Im not going to enter into a prolonged dialogoue with you - cos as per usual we will go around in circles. Suffice to say - The sooner you accept it - the sooner you will get better.

It really isnt the end of the world.

I mean maybe she should go off her meds and see how she does it took me doing that to accept I had schizophrenia was not fun though


I did the same.

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