Crystal’s help thread

I dont want to be a dealer just smoke it

So why did your doctor diagnose you with psychosis then?

You know drug dealers sometimes take advantages of girls like you, and use you… be careful


i’m aware yes
I will get it from my friend whos a girl also

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They thought that my overvalued ideas were delusions

What are overvalued ideas?

My ex girlfriend is very cool, but I don’t want to see her much now because she smokes weed too much weed

Google that, i’m bad at explaining

How do you explain the paranoia then

It’s an overvalued idea too

Yeah I don’t think so

Why not if I may ask

Paranoia is cut and dry. It just seems obvious to me you were paranoid

What was the ”paranoia” bout

I don’t remember. I’m sure you know what I’m referring to

Yes but why isnt it an overvalued idea

Read this abstract

Just trust your psychiatrist. You can’t analyze yourself properly, no one can.

I dont understand what that text proves

Read the last line. Sounds like you to me.