Crystal’s help thread

hehe, by taking your meds =D

Yeah but what if the meds don’t help

change the meds till it works… it’s trial and error.

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Should I change to only abilify?

you should talk with your pdoc about that really… it’s hard for us to say if you should change your meds.

Yeah but I don’t want to be on the other meds

tell that to your pdoc and see what you can change…

Ok i will

;( its gonna take months

Wish my dr approved therapy

What would you be looking for in therapy? Like what would be a therapy goal?

I dunno :confused:

Well that’s what you need to figure out. Then once you have goals, you can share them with your pdoc and maybe then he’ll approve it

I wish I had a life

Why was I diagnosed? Everyone is little delusional (even normies

My chemistry test will be on Monday :frowning:

I’m waiting for the headphones to arrive :frowning:

I feel like I belong in another country than Finland…

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.
I tell you:The grass you water is greener.

U sure? :confused:

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How long you live in Finland. Its a great place in the tourist magazines.