Crystal’s help thread #8

My dog is pestering me. I think that I am going to take her for a walk. I will talk to you soon.

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I will go to sleep soon

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Hey again151515

Good morning @Crystal-Cotton

How are you today

I am doing ok. Probably going to sleep soon. How are you?

I’m feeling sick

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Sick how Crystal?

Like I feel cold

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What like chills, are is it just cold where you are?

Ye chills :confused: 1515

Maybe you should get someone to take your temperature and see if you have a fever.

Yeah I should do that maybe

I fear that I’m dying

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I really don’t think that you are dying Crystal, but it doesn’t hurt to get checked out.

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Checked out where?

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I don’t know. Do you have someone there that can take your temperature and see if you have a fever?

Yeah i guess. 1515

Well, I suppose that you could have a flu or something if you have chills. Taking your temperature might be a good way to get that established one way or the other.

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I guess it’s normal temperature but ya

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