Crystal’s help thread #2

oh that’s sad =(
but she came through it?

idk she was hospitalized

i hope she is ok now.

yeah me too :frowning: we all here hope she is ok

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Should I worry of having sz

My doctor thinks sz is highly likely but they wont diagnose it yet

I hope I wont get sz diagnosis

even if you do get the dx then it doesn’t change who you are. It’s just a label really… you are the one who defines your life and what you do and don’t.

yeah i know what u mean :frowning:

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Good morning everyone


Good morning :slightly_smiling_face: 15

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I’m considering asking my doc to switch to abilify pills

Well that’s a decision for your pdoc. Clozapine making you feel bad or what?

I’m on Aripiprazole(Abilify) pills btw. They do work for me.

i mean change the injection to pills

i would stay on clozapine

Is your Clozapine in pill form?

Does your doc trust you to take your medication if it’s in pill form? That may be one reason they may want you to stay on the shot. I dunno.

yes its in pill form

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Well, good luck. I know that you don’t like taking your meds. It sucks we have to take them or go psychotic. I’d rather have neither myself also but psychosis really sucks so taking the Ap’s is the best choice we have got.

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Is it normal to think that my parents poison me intentionally with carbon monoxide

How come you think that? Do you hear or see things in your head?

No I don’t see or hear things