Crystal’s help thread #2

Not very well :confused:

auww =(
what is wrong?

intrusive thoughts telling me to kms

ah that sucks =/
don’t follow the thoughts though… there is so much to live for still!

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like what? Im puzzled

you got your whole life still ahead of you… everything is possible. I don’t know what but you can do so many things still.

I think they wont let me live alone

i don’t live alone either… but i still have a nice life i think. I enjoy what i can…

but who knows that you won’t be able to live alone… you can’t really know yet…

People said to me at age 8 that if you have Asperger’s or other autism u cant live alone :confused:

that’s not true…

well idk if its true or not

It says the symptoms indicate sz but they wont diagnose yet

”the patient will need long-term antipsychotic medication. Symptoms suggest psychotic illness, however, longer follow-up could be good to confirm the diagnosis. The patient herself is afraid of schizophrenia diagnosis. As ward care progressed, they seemed to be more positive about the medication they received with the information and guidance they received. The patient herself understands that the illness has been behind some of her strange thoughts. The diagnosis of schizophrenia is not accepted, the wobbly sense of reality is accepted”

@lekkerhondje heys

hey there @Crystal-Cotton =)

how are you doing?

i had mobile team girl coming to take my out for walk today and she had her replacement with her… it went well. It’s nice guy that will be replacing her.

I’m doing okay :slight_smile:

My doctor thinks that clozapine made me more social

I disagree

You have no right, you have no say and you long to be free one day

Your doctor holds all the right over you so long you are mentally unsound sadly this is the case for all of us here

Sad right? i dislike it

What is another psychotic illness if sz isnt counted