Crystal’s help thread #2

Ye youre right :slight_smile:

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I’m worried of becoming delusional

People call me stupid and dumb even though im neither

oh they not really friendly huh =/
don’t listen to them… you are clever.

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Yeah :confused: they called me a fake

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i don’t think you are a fake…

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i know i aint a fake

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yea, you know best for sure. Don’t listen to what they say as you know best who you are.

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Good morning everyone

Good morning @Crystal-Cotton

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I wonder if I ever had delusions

You did. I remember you posting here while you were having them.

i read a post here saying that if someone was truly delusional they wouldnt post here

That’s not true. All kinds of delusional people post here.

i guess thats right

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How to get rid of meltdowns?

I wish I had a purpose

I have intrusive thoughts :frowning:

hey @Crystal-Cotton

how is it going today?

Not very well :confused: