Crystal’s help thread #2

I wish I could live alone after I turn 18

”Yes, those are so delusional thoughts that schizophrenia seems to be it. Where did you come up with that gas if it’s not hallucinatory? Don’t self-diagnose when it seems to go all the way to the ass. BPD doesn’t sound like any of those … More like a delusional disorder, but it does sound like schizophrenia …

As you, I would be honest about the symptoms and accept the opinion of a psychiatrist. BPD is a personality disorder, but your symptoms are quite psychotic, and you suffer from obvious delusions, and possibly also hallucinations (how did you come up with gas, did you see it?).”

Someone wrote this to me

@lekkerhondje hello again

hey there @Crystal-Cotton

how are you doing?

Doing okay as almost always lol

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I’m worried of having Ocd

Yours is probably schizophrenia and autism,tbh whatever mental illness you have don’t matter, so long you are psychotic, you need antipsychotic anyway.

What the person said to you is quite accurate

can you have both schizophrenia and autism?

sure, i have them both.

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someone says I just have OCD
Is that true?

how should we know?
you need to talk to your pdoc about that… we are not doctors.

do i show any OCD symptoms here?

i don’t know tbh… i think it’s hard to see that on a forum.

yeah youre right

how are you doing besides that?

I’m doing fine
Just thinking if I have sz or not

Maybe I don’t have sz

you don’t know yet huh… you could have it.

yeah i could or not

but don’t forget that it’s just a label. it doesn’t define who you are.

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