Crystal’s help thread #2

Yeah :frowning: sad right

What’s wrong with this guy

Dunno :confused: weird stuff

Is thinking that my parents are poisoning me with carbon monoxide a delusional thought?

Yes I would say it’s delusional

I’m worried again

Hey you don’t have to worry about anything… keep taking meds and focus what’s in front of you and will be fine.

Did I tell you I almost hit a staff at the hospital also? :sweat_smile: glad I didn’t tho

Hmm yeah :confused: i’m worried of becoming delusional

Try to fill your mind with things you think is fun… for me it’s listening to my favorite music, writing and reading :no_mouth:

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Yeah I do math its fun

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@lekkerhondje hello how are you today

hey @Crystal-Cotton =)
i’m doing good… my arm still a bit sore from vaccine but it has been nice day so far.

How are you doing?

I’m scared but otherwise OK

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Hey it’s my favorite song… I thought I would share it😶 it’s a bit scary but it’s beautiful

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Hi @Crystal-Cotton how are you today

I’m doing okay.

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Good morning everyone


Good morning @Crystal-Cotton

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Good morning.


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My friend called my symptoms ”severe autism” or ”mild psychosis”

I think its moderate autism & mild psychosis