Crystal’s help thread #2

You’re not likely to feel any different from 1 day. I accidentally skipped a day a couple months ago and didn’t feel any different either. It may take some time for you to go psychotic but more than likely it will eventually happen. It’s not a good idea to skip your meds but you may have to learn that lesson for yourself before you believe it. Good luck.

I will go on meds if i become psychotic

I will update yall each day

If ya start feeling high anxiety and strange thoughts, or urge to hurt someone or yourself stemming from negative perception to people or self… take ya medicine. It’ll let you feel better

I feel better but it might be placebo

Yes, yes you were never psychotic. Just fears right, all the times where you sprout nonsense on this forums are just normal fears not delusions or anything xP

Stop your antipsychotic anytime you want but I can tell you for sure those who are on clozapine and stopped it ends up with a very bad prognosis like needing ect or more clozapine to stabilise again

And she’s gone 151515

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I ended up taking the meds

did you get your shot too?

yes i did :slight_smile: feeling okay

How are you doing?

i’m doing well. had my first dose of moderna covid shot today.
How are you doing?

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I’m doing okay :slight_smile:

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I’m considering asking the doc to increase my Clozapine dose and get me off Abilify Maintena

Is this a good idea

it’s ok as long as you keep taking the clozapine. Personally i like the depot in combination with my clozapine. I think the depot helps too. But you should ask your pdoc.

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Ye i will ask when I can meet her

Good for you for taking care of yourself. It takes a lot of courage to care for yourself. You are very strong.

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Do they watch you while you eat medicine? Or you can secretly not eat medicine

Yes they watch me take them

They didn’t tell you when you can stop right,because for most people its lifetime medicine