Crystal Cotton's discussion thread

i’m happy with my weight now
It used to be over 180lbs and thats obese for a people of my height

i ordered a christmas present for myself

What did you get

clothes haha 1515

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Hey you seem happier!

Nice enjoy them !

dreaming of a hotel stay haha

i wish the evaluation starts as soon as possible…

It started when you were first admitted. Evaluations can take years.

i mean the cognitive testing

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Didn’t they inject you with abilify since you went off it and is in the psych ward now? Since you have psychotic symptoms they might put you on a treatment order by the court and force you to be on risperidone injection or something… Then all the weight you lost are gonna come back in an even worse form

they say just stay on clozapine

did you feel better on abilify or clozapine

clozapine in my opinion

so have you decided to stay on clozapine

yes I’ll stay on it

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Your doing really well in hospital it appears and are thinking about important things like managing your health condition. And just because you haven’t got concrete information on your diagnosis you can still make improvements to your thoughts and behaviour. Keep improving youll feel much better

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They said it takes 4-5 weeks to send the documents here… and they can’t start the testing yet because of that

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Does that mean that you have to stay that long in the hospital?

likely yes… smh

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