Crystal Cotton's discussion thread 2.0

i don’t know. I need to die

i’m losing all hope

Please don’t say that crystal

why? It’s the truth

I have thoughts that i have to kill or be killed

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You need to talk to a nurse or PDoc then

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You really need to talk to a medical professional about that.

Maybe you need an AD or something else.

I’m not depressed

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If I’m suicidal I view that as depression.

i’m not suicidal i just have to stop myself from doing evil things

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I would keep working with your forensic psychiatrist on that.

i guess. I just hate myself for this ■■■■

the police came to the market square of this city… my fault

You seriously need to review what you are saying because something does not mesh. And yes, you need to talk to a professional @Crystal-Cotton .

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The police is calling me i’m not kidding

I think if I go by our standard protocol, I have no choice but to close this thread. You can open a new one when you are not going to talk about killing people or basically committing suicide by others. You need to talk to a professional about these thoughts @Crystal-Cotton .

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