Crying spells

These days, I just want to burst out crying.

Not sure if it’s related to my neurological condition but…

I have frequent crying spells. I feel slight sadness but not severe enough but I still want to cry.

Maybe I should get out of the house more, but my disability prevents me. Tomorrow my mom told me she wants to take me out for lunch because I haven’t went outside for a month since summer break started (other than going to hospitals).

My dog has been helping me stay sane. I love him.


That’s nice of your mom to take you out for lunch.

Maybe crying spells are a sign of emotional instability, but you could ask your therapist.

I remember you seeing one.

I just saw mine today. We worked on irrational fears.

I don’t know if this emotional liability or just crying spells.

Could be both.

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Do you think it could be depression?

Not sure. I seem to cry for like 2 minutes and it would be over.

I can’t discern the difference between emotional liability or crying spells. It could really be both, but I don’t want to bring it up to my neurologist because I’m worried that he’ll just refer me to a psychiatrist (which I already see).

What do you mean by emotional liability?

Crying spells due to deficits of the brain. It’s often due to a neurological disorder.

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