Crying feel so lost

Please help been harassed a lot and threatened by people who won’t leave me alone, I try to laugh and be grateful that I’m alive and have my family but at dire times I cry and I hate it. Tonight someone threatened me that I won’t have a normal life in his town if he could help it and I wish I had privacy that people cold not read my mind. He was upset at me thinking I was being rude to someone who was talking to me but I really wasn’t. But this person hates me anyways. He calls me all sorts of names.

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Are you safe? 15ch

You know who it is that’s threatening you?
Time to make it real.
I’d be so pissed I’d have to call the police to tell them to send an ambulance for the guy that threatened you.

Ya, maybe you should call the police and ask them how to handle it. That’s really unfortunate that you are being treated that way. Take a deep breath. I know it sounds trivial but try to relax at the moment since you are safe. At a minimum, run it by your therapist.

Do you have any friends or family you can turn to? Maybe you should think about buying a gun. If not that, then maybe pepper spray. Maybe you should get a guard dog.

Not saying your issue is but that’s how my phycosic goes,. I’ve bought a gun , carried pepper spray, called the police. Only meds keep me from feeling harassed, a little was real. But it would be minor if I wasn’t sz or was medicated

I would just stay away from that person.