Cry me a river

I just want to slide down the floor and cry cry cry. Feel so tired.

I remember the book I used to read as a kid,
it was a Disney’s edition of Alice in Wonderland, and at the end of every page you would have to make a decision about what you gonna do next so readers were sort of creators of the story as well. However, there was a scene where Alice ends up in the woods and she has to pick between two paths. Alice, I.e me, would always pick a left path, which lead her to the angry caterpillar which lead her to the green valley. Then, at the last scene (because that’s the point where the story you made ends) Alice hits
the rock with her foot finger and starts to cry. And she was crying so hard and unstoppable that soon the big river came out of her tears and cares her away.

What do I want to say?
Hell I have no idea.
Just thought this was a nice metaphor for the way I feel right now.

Thanks God and SzAdmin for Lounge. Amen and all that. Have a nice day/night.

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Who would I cry for?

Actually yes. Right there with you

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Just ignore me. I’m sad and annoyed and bored and I’m PMS.

There is nothing wrong with a little weeping now and then, just so you don’t do it all the time.

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I hope that you feel better soon @Sarad - I am kind of Sad today myself.


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I’ve had horrific days. It always ends up getting better. Hope you feel better soon.

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I am having a sad day too. Mostly, I keep beating myself up and feeling guilty, even though I have made a ton of responsible choices this week. There is always something to feel guilty over if I’m in that kind of mood.

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Boredom is such a hard thing to conquer. Best I can try and do is relax/nap and try and play some music.

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Yeah I think I should feel better. Damn I washed all my carpets today.


my sith master :alien: would say to you right now…Sarad.
at the moment you feel like a leaf :fallen_leaf: …blowing in the wind…free falling .

but in reality the leaf is attached to a twig,
the twig attached to a branch,
the branch attached to a tree… :deciduous_tree:

the trees roots go far down into the soil…its top most branches caress the sky and the suns :sunny: rays.
my sith master would go on to say to you…that the wind is not moving you one way or the other…
it is whispering to you that you are loved by a greater force than you know. :heart:

take care :alien:


That is the most beautiful thing i’ve heard for a long long time.
(Makes me shed a grateful tears)



You must not be paying enough attention to darksith’s posts. Albeit beautiful, he’s had some really good ones lately that eclipse that one even.

Sorry you feel like crap, we all know the feeling.

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Not true. But this is the one for me.


Gotchya :blush:

For @darksith

The Superman of Sz…

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Lost some, gained some, few, some shallow gained. I never meant to harm anybody, never really did, cuz i tried. Such is life, gain, and loss.

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