Crowdsourcing a song

So Im writing a song and before I get someone to sing it Id like to get some feedback on it so far.

I know I could go to a songwriting subreddit, but they are always either stuck up or dont give feedback at all. Plus you guys are awesome :smiley:

So, any thoughts? I wanna make this one an absolute banger!


Very nice. I think you should make more of the second chord sequence before going back to the first idea again. It is lovely the way it almost fits over the top of it. Not sure how you did that.

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Thanks! Yeah thats the main reason I shared this, I really like that section but I cant seem to take it anywhere besides it just being a great chord progression. Ill extend it out and see what happens

Update: I got a new draft for the song Im making! I think this one is coming along pretty well, made a lot of changes to the drums and added in a bass interlude. Thoughts?


Hey, I just saw this! My energy is down to like 10%. Screw chronic illness.
But I’ll listen to it for sure when I feel well enough to do so!

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