Crossed Wires

Does anyone here feel there brains have been miswired?

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yeah, i think the electrical impulses or chemicals take the wrong path in the different branches of the brain causing mental illness.

Oh God, yes! My brain is haywire.

My brain is weird. It’s intelligent but weird. Intrusive thoughts are the worst, can’t understand them.

This says it for me.

for a long time Drs said I was wired different, the fibers between the parts of the brain…

Yes I feel my brain is miswired. That is also the simplest explanation my psychiatrists have given me as to what is and why I have schizophrenia. They have been more technical talking about dopamine etc but reduced it to this very simple explanation.

I have felt like I have a cross wired head for the longest time…

It all sort of crossed wiring up there

I feel like my head has alot of electricity sometimes.

I have a lot of loose connections too.