Cronic epididimitis

My catheter removed one month ago. Today i have very small pain at my testicles. When i search there is one disease that it can caused by catheter use which is epididimitis. İts look serious disease and i m afraid to get this disease. My doctor said its really low possibities to get from catheter use but i m afraid it.uti also may cause this disease. Anyone got this disease. İf so how did you get this disease.

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I had a problem with my ‘plumbing’. It was epididimitis. I passed loads of blood in my ejaculate.

But after a coarse of antibiotics it resolved itself.

I would advise you to see a doctor - I am sure it can be easily fixed


I got epididimitis from my heart pill, Arykor/Amiodorone. I told my dr that I Googled the side effects of Arykor and epididimitis was one of them. She took me of the med and gave me something else in its place.

The epididimitis got resolved by itself once I was of that med.

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İ think sexually transmitted epididymitis (viruses gonorrhea or chlamydia.) is dangerous right. Does epidydimitis that caused by urinary tract infection also dangerous?

İ just speak with one of my friend which is a doctor and he said it was really small possibilities get this disease from catheter use. And in my case said impossible because catheter removed one month ago an i m experiencing this pain today. Fingercrossed🙏


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