Crohn’s testing

My sister has had the diagnosis for a while, and now my brother has been diagnosed as well.
I’ve been told it may be genetic, which means there’s a chance I might develop it too. I do have some symptoms, such as abdominal pains and random diarrhea.

Should I get tested? And how is such a test performed?

I know this had nothing to do with sz, but it weighs heavily on my mind.

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I don’t know how the test works but if you have issues like you’re mentioning it might be worth getting checked out. Maybe nothing’s wrong and you can rule it out but if something is going on it would be better to catch it and get treatment for it sooner than later.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll be calling the doctor tomorrow.


Have you ever been scoped? If they take a look and see inflammation and ulcers they’d take a biopsy to rule it out. Might be worth them taking a peek so you’d know.

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