Crock pot/slo cooker talk

Does anyone here have and use a slo cooker? I’ve got a small and a large one. I have used neither for ages.
By the time I have bought the meat or fish it seems to be cheaper to buy a ready meal.
I know people talk about mince,especially soya mince, as a cheap alternative but (a)dried soya mince when cooked is revolting (b) I am not sure mince of any kind is a good choice for a slo cooker.

Another problem I have is I usually end up with quite a watery gravy.

What kind of things do you cook in your slo cooker?

Soup mainly. I love me some vegetable soup

i used to make a sausage stew, i just put a couple of sausages at the bottom and a tin of stewed steak over the top of it and left it a few hours

That sounds delish!

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