Crochet progress

I’ve got five squares done so far. Fifty-one to go! This pattern has a nice vintage feel to it. I can’t wait until I stitch all of them together. It might be take two or three months.


That looks really lovely Cloudy :yarn:

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I need that for my house. I think it would be perfect for either my bed or my sofa. My colors are grey and aqua or turquoise.


So pretty love the design and the colour so much details

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I’d love to know how to do this.

After my head injury, I tried to knit. I couldn’t understand how to do it. I was completely lost. I’m not sure if I could learn it now, because I’m struggling so much. It’s like I have poverty of thought.

Wow, yeah, it would go great in that room! :smile: The yarn I’m using is a bit greener than what’s shown in the photo (so it’s not exactly turquoise). If you want to make one, there’s a “turquoise” colour in the Red Heart Comfort line that would fit better than what I’m using (I’m using “Jade”).

Youtube has lots of beginner crochet tutorials, if you’re interested.

Sorry to hear about your head injury. That must be hard to live with. I learned to knit watching youtube. I made a lot of cotton yarn dish cloths for the first six months. But I remember the first time I tried. It was so hard. I sat there for an hour, re-watching the video over and over. I think it took two hours (over two days) to really get the hang of it, and then I learned that the way I held the yarn was all wrong. So I learned the continental style of holding the needles from a knitting book, and things got easier.

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Wow. It’s great that you didn’t give up and eventually you succeeded. Very inspirational.

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Did you injure yourself recently @ZmaGal?
I’m sorry to hear of it.

Very nice stuff @anon40973946!
I like the pattern and color

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No. I did it back in 2010, but I still struggle with a lot.

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