Crippling my morale

sometimes when I think isn’t bad enough something worse comes alonga normal problem is credit issues how many times must live face another creditorwhen it is proven time and time again that they are not helpful in anywaythey did not improve my incomein fact they made my life a complete hellpayday loans is a perfect example of thisjust trying to keep a basic bills paidis a struggle for most people with mental illnessbut it takes only one slip up and you find yourself staring for moneythat is what room is your creditbeing able to say but money is a struggle to specially when the creditors are eating the income you would be saving backthis is, shot my morale downgoing through all the red tape to clear up the matter and trying to find the finances to do so its not like your community your church or your local government will help bail you outlive in fact they put in place is quite the opposite