Cried my last tears9

Cried my ass off over you. And I’m supposed to…
Love you and walk over to you while you steal my heart… He came here and was like my baby…
I was like na… Im a liar… I knew whyd I lie to myself i made myself go crazy bc i denied it… U be lion more than me :sob: don lemme.
Adela “I know you know its real”.
Boo “you.need meds”
Adela “okay you alwayz right bc you is hella smart, he only made himself sound dumb so id feel better ajd think he was dumb.”
Boo “m really intelligent why wiuld I dumb it down”
Adela " he was a genuous, he was really smart" okay that was b4 hes a super sayam now like goku.
Pls be good to others dont change for anyone please bc I onow how you isrd to be this sweet silly goof who brought so much joy to everyone.
You need love - kienan I love you

Why do u spam this place with shiit?

I think Boo’s right. You do need meds.