Cried in the supermarket

I don’t know why, maybe because I realized the little old woman was a widow probably but she asked me and my mother if we could reach some frozen dinners for her because she was so short and she asked if we would read some of the dinners to her…I just started crying and had to turn away…I wish I now had asked her if I could help her when she went to the store…I would gladly have helped her and it would have helped me but I didn’t think about it until I got home…if I ever see her again I will ask her if I can help…but I probably won’t and feel bad now…


I think it’s very touching that you wanted to help her. Helping others is a very rewarding experience that helps ourselves too! My neighbor is an elderly, physically disabled man who has trouble walking up and down the stairs. I take out his trash for him and bring his mail to him.

It always makes me feel good to help–even when I’m having a bad day. It completely changes my state of mind and cheers me up. Plus, it’s GOOD karma!




I wonder we often have a delay in generating a response or coming up with an idea what we would do. Maybe out of this you get some understanding on yourself and could better bring out you good intention for future encounters in supermarket or anywhere else. Life is long enough we don’t have to do it right in one single shoot. You still have a lot of chance to help others.


Crying helps actually.

It’s a good release in this world of ours.

I despise those who are ashamed of it.


Good on you! Empathy is very powerful and important