Creepy voice adventures

This isn’t by choice. They just speak.

Out in the garage they went off on some tangent talking about how they can create mindless slaves by traumatizing them. They used indiana jones as an example, real temple of doom ■■■■■■■■. They said “you take them into the catacombs, surround them with the creepiest ■■■■ that you can down there, then you dose them with hallucinogens and hurt them for hours. Just flood them with negativity and trauma the entire time. If you do it enough you will end up with a broken will and they’ll do your bidding, they won’t desire much if anything anymore, they’ll just stare blankly and do as they are told.”

So im just standing there and these assholes won’t shut the ■■■■ up. Wish they’d go believe me. I can’t begin to tell you how shitty they are, they are destroying me.

Just awhile ago as well. This is me walking to the store. They say something and i interrupt “who is talking to me right now?” And they go into a “how do you know it’s someone and not some type of device, either way you are speaking to someone because they programmed it in that scenario, but how do you know which it is?” Of course i can’t know which it is, only that it is a real communication of some sort.

These are much unwanted adventures in voices.

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Sounds terrifying. I hate my voices.

Yes they usually are terrifying and have even physically harmed me three times now.

Are you on meds?