Creepy and scary!

@anon80629714 Relationships, attractions & dis attraction have their ups and downs. If you wanted to keep the relationship going, would you have ignored his tracking? Do you think your paranoia cost the relationship?

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It’s the fact that he wasn’t attracted to me. Saying I am ugly Betty… and I would look pretty if I wore what he said … he said he likes me as I am but I need to change to make me feel better. ■■■■■■■■… well that’s just telling me he doesn’t like me as I am. So in that case he can find someone else. Plus as I got paranoid … I searched his username on google and found him online on okcupid … I didn’t need an account for that. he said he had eyes for no one else. Another billshit. It dented my confidence but I can do better.

Tracking is crazy but I only knew him for one week when it started.

You did the right think dumping that guy. He was weird, maybe dangerous

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Yeah, @anon80629714, I can really relate. As I have a rather high sex drive, when my sexual feelings are synergistic with my romantic feelings towards a female, it can be a really intoxicating mixture. So much that sometimes when I’m looking at her, my eyes are burning or booring a hole through her body. I can really scare myself that way sometimes!

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@anon80629714 So you tracked him on Google? How interesting. I don’t know this guy but if he was willing to go on a date with you then he must have found you attractive a bit. But if he said you’re ugly, there wouldn’t have been a date in the first place. At least he’s being honest about it and not pretending.

So goes the revolving door… I guess you have to wait and see who’s next.

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Yes right at the end I did. I searched… When I felt scared and paranoid whether he is genuine. He wasn’t honest. He told me I’d feel better about myself if I changed although he liked me as I am. Which was crap. Cos he didn’t. He wanted me to aim for some female version of a six pack he was obese himself although working to lose it. I thought that was willpower. me being ugly or not I just want someone to like me as I am and to find me attractive as I am not change me

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I get like that when I get highs … that’s why I am avoiding spending too much time on the apps

@anon80629714 I thought you went out on a date and even a second date with him? You’re just getting to know him. It doesn’t make sense that he would say all these negative things about you on just 2 dates. Am I missing something here?

We went out for two months.

Sorry, not just two dates. We went out on several dates over two months.

Yeah, I also know what it’s like to go to the other extreme as well. The only person I can really call an ex, and I wasn’t physically attracted to her at all. She was a really great person, but ugly to me as you-know-what! I really needed help for low self-esteem and depression, anyway. She married the guy she dumped for, and maybe for some people that’d be a slap in the face. But it’s really a relief, because if you saw her, you might think the same thing!

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If you’re not attracted to her and don’t see w future with her she’s not for you.

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@anon80629714 aghh, okay. But in 2 months you 2 would be getting intimate by then? yes/no? I’m getting a bit confused. Because in a duration 2 months of dating 7 times… Him saything these things would eventually lead to a breakup.

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A few hugs and two kisses that were barely french :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: thank god … I think I know what he wanted and it was not me.

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By the way, it was her that took the initiative in approaching me, and partly because of peer pressure, I eventually gave in!

@anon80629714 Then why was he creeping you out then? Your story is not coherent since you said he was messaging you and he got a friend to talk to you. You blocked him… etc…

@exhile there is absolutely no justification to be agressive regardless of circumstances

I think you’re misunderstanding. The Snapchat thing happened today.

The dipstick who I dated who I am talking about now who was tracking me is what happened months ago.

Two diff stories.

@Erez_Shmerling aggressive means you are competing.