Creeping thoughts: Blame assimilation, Boundary pushing

These are two thoughts i had this morning while taking a rest, Sometimes i feel like i take blame that is not mine to be had, anyone else? And a really nasty one is this new found thought i had today, that is suggesting that my subconscious mind is constantly looking to find where my boundary’s are, and my heart mind and soul always seems to find them (story for later) and these two thoughts are really bothering me and definitely two that i’d like some input on.
I read a few threads before i decided to post it, and i feel like these two are n onset of a psychosis, (probably true)

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sounds like normal thought process to me , but i am not you.
if you are worried talk to your doctor.
take care


I have taken the blame for stuff that wasn’t my fault. I would think… “Well, I am mentally ill, maybe it was me, maybe I am the one blowing this out of proportion.” But it’s been shown to me that “NO!” it wasn’t me. I was in the right. My suspicions were correct. (Dealing with a toxic family member)

But taking the blame just seemed easier then whistling up the storm. But eventually, something happens, just one thing too far… and you find… it’s not you." Those times have given me some confidence to stand up for myself a little sooner and a little more often.

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