Creeping me the f out

Anyone alive and awake?

I am back for another day

What about you??

I’m around but expecting my little brothers over for a visit as their rock band practices up this way. I may be in and out for a while…it’s 4:11pm over here…what is your time over there?

Nice. Has it been a good day?

6:12am here. Just the start of the day

I am off sick today

Feels kinda… Stupid as my complaints aren’t going anywhere, so I feel like it’s futile

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Hang in there. Sometimes you’ve just got to work through it all. You can get there…

Today was a 50 minute trip each way to see psydoc. He was actually early so got to come home early. That is like 2 times in twenty years of going to him give or take…You appreciate the good ones for sure but it’s always hard work…

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Did you drive? I like going on trips like that.

yea i’m back x
not all that impressed with today so far
stressful sister seems to want to move with our 79 year old mum to several hours away
sister has been unwell for 9 years living with mum
mum is doing her best
my sister still drinks, gets psychotic and is isolated and volatile
visiting them later

Sorry to hear that @Three

Sounds like a difficult situation

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yea it’s stressful to see them
if they move it takes away my decision to see them every week for a couple of days …

What are you up to today?

I have no idea

Need to work out what to do about my job

It’s perfect on paper, but it’s really messing me up

What about you?

Getting ready to hit the sack. It’s 10:30 pm.I’ll get a good nights sleep and get up early to do some cleaning. I got to interview a new roommate tomorrow.

If it’s not doing your health any good, reassess
Going over to my mum and sister later to stay the night…
My family are such an enormous ■■■■ up

Have a good night on us @77nick77

New roommate sounds good.

Is it an opportunity for socialising ?

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I think this is why my mother moved us away from the family

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that sounds like it was for the best?

Yeah, I’ve been living alone for five months. I got to psyche myself up to start being social again. My last roommate barely spoke English and we didn’t talk to each other and he stayed in his room so it’s been more than a year since I really interacted with anybody regularly.

Sounds like family seems to cause drama that we could all do with out

But we need each other still, even if things are messed up

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Yeah totally, don’t know I do without them

I woke up at 1am and couldn’t go back to sleep

That sucks :frowning:

Know how bad it is trying to get back to sleep when you feel like this

Hope you can get to sleep soon

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This is becoming a nightly ritual. Wake up and hang out for a couple hours then back to bed.