Creative Writing major

I notice I am very good at writing prompts when I am assigned them in my creative writing class. I don’t ever wanna have to write books or short stories and try to get them independently published…it’s too much pressure and a hassle it seems. But what can you do with a creative writing major? Can you work for a magazine and be nearly “guaranteed” a spot to get published, assuming your work is good enough and all… What else can you do??? I just want to do creative writing as a 9-5 job rather than the high pressure and stress of trying to get your book published or something. Thanks.

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maybe write a script for a theatre or something, or if you like art you could do comic books as well,

I’ve done every job in the book with an English/creative writing degree.

Just do something to support your writing, and either get a website, or network with other writers on Linked In.

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You might could go into advertising, provided that you took some business and some marketing courses.

As far as I know, you can also teach Creative writing.

Hey, I can’t find your piece on the assignment you do on “The Fly” but check out this photo:

In the U.S. you can make some money teaching creative writing but at the college level you need a Master’s and at the high school level you need a certificate, but you can have your own business, and go around offering classes and workshops to people, especially if you are great sales person. You can work for more non profits with a B.A. that do a lot of creative work, and you can also tutor at any level you are interested in, and basically post fliers, or let people know your passion. hey if this one guy can make a killing on exciting swimming lessons, you can do it for writing!

I would love to be a writer as well, but am not confident in my abilities to make a living on it.

Then again I’m not all that confident in my abilities to make a living doing research anymore either. And I’m certainly better at writing than science and math. Sigh.

Are you a schizophrenic, Anna?

Was officially diagnosed with non-specific psychotic disorder and anxiety disorder. New person I’m seeing says possibly depression with psychotic features and PTSD. So my diagnoses seems to vary but there’s always psychosis thrown into the mix.

Not many good psychosis NOS support forums out there and people on here seem to be very understanding and I enjoy talking to them. This forum has been a big help to me!

You do know that they will diagnose with anything you are seeking, right? I mean, many of them do. It’s a crap shoot. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t get so obsessed over the fact that you are weird. Big deal. So is everybody. It doesn’t mean squat. You have negativity and very low self esteem, but that doesn’t mean you are schizophrenic. I would get a second opinion. I’m not always right either.

I’ve seen two psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner and 3 different therapists. They all say basically the same thing. Honestly I don’t give a crap about what diagnoses they give me. I just have issues that I need help with.

I would rather be dead than alive most days. I couldn’t sleep last night because a demon was talking to me and touching me. If I mention these things to any professional I will probably get a weird diagnosis like that yeah, but it doesn’t matter to me. Sometimes I need help so I see someone. They can draw their own conclusions.

I don’t think I’m schizophrenic at all. I was scared I might be when I first gained insight into my delusions but not anymore.

It’s interesting that just a few days ago there was a topic on here about Delusions, and talking about demons. Do you really want schizophrenia, Anna? I mean you can create your own monster if you want to, and I know because my son tries to stop his breathing and does strange things to his eyes, tongue, and deep guttural utterances. I don’t think he has schizophrenia, but it’s just odd. There is a difference between odd and being mentally ill.

Junior year of high school I was averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night because I was experiencing horrific tactile hallucinations. I was afraid to be alone because I thought the devil would take me to hell. I thought clouds were his agents and were going to take me to hell if I was outside alone. I was afraid to think because that meant he could find me.

I believe that surpasses weird. Or maybe it doesn’t, who knows. All I know is I’ve been through some really, really upsetting and freakish things.

Also I just said I do not believe I have schizophrenia. And I am glad I do not have it. Whatever I’m dealing with is bad enough, I couldn’t handle sz!!

Maybe I just process my depression in a really weird creative way who knows. I just want to be happy.

Lack of sleep is a mental disorder, it’s called, Insomnia, and it is very hard to treat. If you feel you have this, please, please see a doctor right away. You will have all kinds of complications from lack of sleep.

I don’t know, I just recongnize a part of me as a child in you, and that was latch-key kid, where I latched onto anyone else or any new thing that interested me and brought it into my own, and could actually create things that didn’t exist. I have a wild and vivid imagination.

I’m not saying you won’t have your first hard fall, and then realize you are mentally ill. Maybe that will happen. But as in parenting, you’ve got to know what to ignore, and not everything is defined in this category.

You haven’t lived my life or had my experiences. Please stop discounting what I’ve gone through as just me making things up. You sound like my mom. My mom told me I had no reason to be sad and I should just get over it the year I was planning to kill myself.

I’m tired of people telling me what I experience is fake. I know what I’ve gone through and no one else does. Maybe I’ll just quit going on this site and quit therapy and just give up on life. I hate life. I hate life I hate life I hate life. I haven’t been happy since I was 10.

I know you are trying to be concerned but it does not help me, I’m sorry.

There may be a certain type of people who are not sick, but are also not well.

That might describe you. it doesn’t discount what you feel, but rather, you are trying hard to categorize what you have, in order to what?? I guess to feel that we’re all in the same boat.

I just think some people come to the boards for attention, for solace, and for a feeling of group therapy. It’s possible you’ve been misguided all your life, from your parents, schools, the media, and now us!

Yes perhaps I fit in there. I can function but I am not happy functioning. I do not like being alive.

I tried much harder to categorize what I had when I first realized I might have some bad problems. Now I don’t care anymore. Like I said I just try to share what I experience and let people draw their own conclusions.

My parents don’t give a crap about my mental and emotional health and just avoid talking about it or tell me what I’m feeling isn’t real. My teachers and friends were all oblivious to how upset I was. The media is a joke and makes you think you have every mental illness in the book. People here have mostly been kind to me.

Then stay. Here. Just don’t assume you have the illness if you think for a moment, even for a mere moment, that you might not have it. That truly is your breakthrough.

When I came here I made a post sharing my experience up until whenever I joined and then admin said I should find help and gave me a list of places to seek it. So I went and therapy has helped me, though I rejected the meds they tried to give me. I was never diagnosed with schizophrenia and I never believed I had schizophrenia. I am not sure where you get the idea that I desperately want to be schizophrenic and that I have tried to argue I am schizophrenic. I have never argued that.

I think I am a very weird girl who has lived a very weird life who is very unhappy and lonely. That’s what I think of myself and nothing more. Ok?

Maybe I will leave again because I do not fit in anywhere. I will make my own forum for myself and be by myself like always.

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