Creative Writing (Feel Free to Add Your Own)

Roses After Rain

The roses unfold, collecting the secret untold tears
many years of joy, Angels, I thought
and I would wake up especially after a hard rain
to find the sun enlightening, to watch them
To see the flowers blossom and celebrate

oh how they were brilliantly dressed, dazzling in white
their color symbolizing peace beyond enchanting moonlight
this is a memory of being in that house made of stone
And when I watched the flowers, I didn’t feel alone.

Lipstick Smears
May 14, 2014

Love your lipstick
Kiss me only if you mean it
You blew my world away
So I wrote you a sonnet

I dreamed about the anti-christ
Last night, as I was coming down
From those shiny starry clouds
You were leading crowds

Goodnight, my bittersweet pill
I will pine for hermaphrodites
In between the covers
Of every other devious lover

The devil and I were dancin’
Under those snowglobe lights
Where phantasmic alluded to misery
And I was given a second chance

To dance with the earth
In our ring so heavenly
This my epic romance
Of a white trash tragedy.

Madness at Last
June 8th 2012

The leaves have dried on the trees
of my weathered mind
What once was beauty
Now is what beauty left behind
I watch the moon drift overhead
The mountain tops
Poking into the sky
I dream of a day I can awake
And know truth from falsity
Is there a way to embrace
the clouds so fluffy in their charm
With magic dying softly
In your arms, we dress
We wander often in regress
do not worry, my dear
For I am the mockingbird
At last, I am mad here
A great cry, it was had
For I have lost all that could be
My heart at least can flee
These aching dreams can rest
These wings now bested
What was that? A memory
Now what’s left of me
A prison for the word to be
Madness at last
A world that I could not see.


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