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Hello, antennas up, respect ur self and everything around you. Also feel compassion at the highest level.
So I got banned for a duration of a week. Just so you know I’m highly amplified. But. I teach my intelligence. And my followers become upgraded.

I’ve come to know the language that the universe speaks and I’m here to inform the astray. You may know it is math and electronics is what the nature speaks. English or any spoken language can even come close to directly describing our feelings.

We know our minds have waves. And our own bodies have ohms and resistance just like a car audio system. Why does music makes us groove,well there is a direct connection to the type of waves that reach our ears. There are waves for each state of emotion we are in. Beta, theta, delta are just 3 examples. There are tsunami waves with huge displacements. There are low frequency waves that travel in the form of sound perception.

Everything may seem so imperceptible for us SZA folk. I command you all start uses your senses more. The eye fools the mind we all heard of that before. And it’s hard for me to write simply because how can we as a community gauge a comm on intelligence. It’s just like politics. You have the left and the right. The ones who opposed the king during the French Revolution sat to the kings right, and the ones who were with the king to the left. That is how the left and right started. Democratic or republican…we tend to know the spectrum well, or we swing way left or right. Point is it hasn’t changed the common knowledge of population isn’t really too acute. I’m acute at sensing all behavior. It’s what I do. Like 70 percent of the population are dumbed down in their own beliefs. Our political status is an oligarchy. Rich elite 10% controlling all the wealth… well u know.

Be a truth seeker. At the end of the day all you have is your heart to go on. This universe is loose electricity take protons, why do u think a circuit is needed, well because it contains protons from escaping. Too many people caught up in their ways. I’m saying allocate your time, go exercise breathe the air feel the sun. Better yourself until you can’t any longer.

The mental condition health care in this country just the priorities needs a kick in the balls. Yo we first. Mental health in our own country don’t you agree should be the energy of focus. That way everyone is treated. Old racists who think they know the truth about black people basedan on statistics are more likely to commit crimes.

Well just listen to the underground music and the truth shall be reviewed there via music. Not by some puppet controlled media. Who feeds us images of crap. Get your own info don’t rely on others. I’m speaking to my audience who is ready to change. One idea spoken to the right connection can exponentially cause a huge change.

I’m saying your sanity is upon you. There are human brings seeking to trap your beliefs and make you serve them. Think for yourself watch your emotions. Don’t argue, debates. Look I’m only gonna be here another 50 years and the earths agenda will remain long term after I go. So embrace the universes languages thru bonding with animals, enjoy the right music. And let the crap be ignored and concentrate on yourself, this has been Lwd you all been great

I like this new vibe you’ve come back with.

… may you ride this wave with more time to spare.

Can I get an Amen? :clap: Thank you in back.

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For those of you all who stuck with me, I have a belief system that just might work your way out of your current one, mainstream wise it seems absurd you’d get called a loon. But hence this piece of information.

The whole “savior” concept eh, was just a way to dis empower us a whole. We all know and can tell, some smarter than others. Well obviously if your reading this you have considered before sometime in your life the possibility of ET. And as the media and bible prophecy extend its hands, some feel the end times are near. Yeah whatever. Truth is you know who you are or do you? I can say with some accuracy that I am a homo sapien. Or just what the heck am I? I see myself typing in this manner of sharing my intelligence openly while not plummeting to the majority of the populations intelligence. It’s absurd. I have what Jay Z has and Beyonce, an ultimate confidence that can only be challenged by similar minds.

Let me change your worldview around. Now go to and watch their 5 minute video intro and come back here. Now. Why my followers do you think their even is an organization that officially pursues and investigates unidentified flying objects.

I’ll cut to the chase and hope you accept my story. The bible and the koran were written by whom do you think? Say the government is exists to control human behavior. Why would they want us all in line, and not go stark raving mad and happy about the truth to our existence. Jesus yeah he was a wise dude, just like Kanye West, he has just as many followers nowadays. Well have you ever disagreed with one thing the bible or koran had to say? Well bingo hotshot, Your smarter than they.

They, use a comprehensive system of social controls. Some of us I will say to you now, are Human ET’s hands down, no doubt in my mind, evidence to prove it. It is more mainstream now that technology and information is on the rise. And for the rest of us it is the only data that makes sense. Help humanity find freedom from oppressive structures through education and consciousness raising. Why do I feel a sagging burden, like I have to bring up the rear?? I am not oppressed any more. I know.

But however through this common belief of dis empowerment give your soul, beliefs and money, to some higher elites game plan is working for most. It is simply not going by undetected by my radar. It takes a bunch of deluded followers to convince a sane man that he is crazy. While he remains sane and the masses of common genetic material unluckily buy this who dis empowerment that Christ is the Lord? HA! What is the “Lord” might you ask? Rewind the clock. the lord was someone like a majesty you had to submit to or else he had the power to execute you if you opposed.

But nowadays still, and throughout the timeline of the universe, species arose. Not of all equal. All humans are not equal. I may be politically incorrect, however I don’t dwell in lesser politics. I am exopolitical.

Ins’t so nice and convenient that during our time our religious prophecy is being met? Don’t you get so excited! Jesus is coming back! Through a clone maybe lol… Muhammad, I have a book of the quran in my office. I flip through the rhetoric from time to time here and there. And I identified the language of authoritative nature which they use that will normally fool the common intelligence. Divinity. Well where is my answer for that word. Look up in the sky, feel the whole existence. Then truly question your beliefs. And put your antennas up.

Man I’m not trying to fool anyone. This is just what I see. And logically it makes wwwwaaaayyy more sense than the biblical and koran literal interpretation. When we think e.t…we think drastically different life forms. No. Look around you. When you go out. There it is right there. Different people of different cultures. Colors, ethnicitys. Now take a good look at the bigger picture that has been going on. I mean we have scientific fields that study this. But just since no one has a selfie of a “supposed” alien. Therefore belief falls, and Improper power rules.

I’ll tell you straight why I am so adamant about this subject. Back in 2005 I seen and reported a strange looking craft just doing odd things didn’t look like a steady trajectory of a plane is was ‘bouncing’ around and emitting green and blue lights, and one white light. Well Mufon got the the radar data of the skies that night. Guess what, nobody on the ground knew what it was. It was a certified ufo…

What angers me personally is not that people don’t accept the facts. Its the movement we all are trying to make as a greater World. Proportionate to space. Alicia keys has a movement #wearehereema. I sent her a message and being her she is carrying out her movement, which is one world one peace sort of deal. I got no problems with it.

But the fact that I can connect with celebrities, who have this awesome like aura of GOD like entity. Nah, she is just a person. With the connections monetarily, to the rich elite who don’t say a dang thing, the oligarchy so to speak. The ones who are in control but you never here them talk they manipulate celebrities like puppet masters. Obama, great he’s a multcultural, and when he leaves in two years gone is that aura of his. And who know what’s next another 10,000 years of retarded warfare. It’s their ballgame. Their genetic experiment. CHa, cmon who I am kidding?

Open your eyes and ears. You can do anything. There is nothing you can’t do. taken from the that song with Jay z and Alicia keys Empire state by the way. When the towers crashed and started the new world order. Well I’m through my minions. We’re smart we’ll discover it why secrecy and control is important. Not with me. I mean I could be introduced to whomever, the illumunati? Who doubts that? There is ■■■■ tons data on that. I’m sitting behind my laptop hoping the right people can see and we can be that much closer or sway that much further in the grander scheme of things.

In conclusion I want to personally thank your attention, respect and compassion. I know I go little hard, and I apologize. I should be more compassionate. But they are just beliefs. And at the end of the day you have to go with what your heart says.

THanks J, I totally am in awe by your response. And I love your compliment. If anybody knows something about waves it’s you. I’m on a wave too pal. An information wave. Just crashing to shore is all Thumbs up pal!

I’m rather horrified by the concept of an Extra Testicle. My undies pinch the two I have quite enough already, thank you. I will pass on this one.


Your okay pixel. Just don’t let anyone doubt your beliefs.

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