Creative Mind. Fluid Mind

The article below is on my blog which is called: Holistic Wellness For Schizophrenia Recovery (google that title, this forum won’t let me post the link). My blog will have new weekly content.

Creative piece below is called: Creative Mind, Fluid Mind.

I learned a lot on a meditation retreat led by a meditation teacher who used to be an actor. It was amazing learning from someone with such a creative side. He was fluid with the way he expressed himself and he was funny and joked a lot. He is gay but never really talked about his experiences with that. He’s French so that was also interesting listening to his French accent.

He was the best meditator I’ve ever seen. Totally upright while sitting and not moving at all. Perfect stillness. He said that it’s impossible to transform yourself if you have a rigid mind. The only way is through a creative and fluid mind. Creativity gets blocked when we don’t live in the moment. We are either concerned about the past or the future and we let the precious moments in life pass us by because we aren’t receptive to them, Our attachment to the past and future prevents us from fully experiencing what is in front of us in the present. When you have a fluid mind there’s nothing getting in the way of seeing things in a creative manner. Interpreting things differently.

Meditation really helps people become more creative and to access that side of their mind. This is why most people who do a lot of yoga have creative abilities and interests. Yoga frees the mind and an increase in awareness of surroundings occur. There are many ways to interpret things but when one has a rigid mind they attach to their fixed beliefs and ways of seeing things which blocks the creative process.

I don’t know if yoga/meditation is helpful or harmful for people with schizophrenia I think I remember reading that it was harmful though.

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I remember reading a thread here where people were sharing their experiences with symptoms coming up during meditation. But it works for me and I think it works for a few others. So I guess it is just mixed results.

Also @johnlamont I think you forgot to post the link to the article you mentioned.

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