Creative gaming/graphic design/scripting

Yes I’m a High Elf… Catch me in Solitude.


1 more song for my fanz!!!

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Did you make that elf!? She hot.

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I don’t play video games anymore, but I do watch gamers play on. I like watching kids play StarCraft 2. Also, kinda big into watching speedrunners.

Of course, Twitch is all hype about MGSV. I’m departing from this forum to watch some MGSV for the rest of tonight.

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Have nice night. I don’t know what anything to do with games is so… Adios

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Ugh i’m so disappointed I’ve been putting side money away for a new pre-built gaming PC, that I’ll be getting next month for my birthday as a present to myself (lol) and the thing that bums me out the most is if I buy a pre-built gaming PC that has the nvidia graphics card in it, I would have got that game for free. But the offer ended on september 1st. They also had one with the witcher 3 as well, I’m hoping they have another game to be added to the list when I buy my new PC so I can get a free game. :smiley: just bummed because I really wanted to play MGS now im probably going to have to fork out $50 for it when I get my new PC. :frowning: and if its anything like the first part it will be all cinematic :frowning: for $50!!

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Yeahhhhhh broooo!!! all me right there cept for the armor and I didn’t design the animations either I can’t do that… I did a successful armor port that I was highly criticized for though because the textures were all over the place and stuff… But it’s really hard to apply the modded animations and stuff.

Oh and yeah If I ever run into any of you slobs in the underworld of Skyrim… I’m gonna just be like…


lol jk.

Hah cause you know I’m a classy vampire. She’s a vampire too I forgot to mention.

well good job, sounds complicated.

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Thanks… I basically just live in Skyrim. kudos for stickin’ it out through work.

Oh hey how’s the med change going?

SC2 is the ■■■■!

its still all over the place… I haven’t found a balance yet.

How about you, what are you taking?

Seroquil 100 mg at night. I can finally function through out the day w/o any mind altering substances save for cigs.

Hah do you know how hard it was to get to this level of functioning! lol. I used to piss myself on a daily basis pretty much.

Congrats!!! You sober now and the seroquel is working for you?

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Yeah it’s working out pretty good. And yeah bro it used to be so bad I used to drink Listerine as a -21

I use to get drunk and piss myself too. I been sober almost a year.

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Dude it’s freakin’ rough…

Ode to @pedro27 The site’s irishman. ha.

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Being sober isn’t so bad, but I need :pill: or I loose my ■■■■ and will go to the liquor store!

The voices and what not get to me.

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