Creating light in the hearts of darkness

Do you create light in your heart… is it dark…

I am successfully shining my light through my heart and bridging gap between what’s not possible into what’s possible

I am creating my mind with source of light
I am exploding positive vibrations everywhere I go

Sending them to everyone I meet

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Yes I often find I have to work to create my own light…or else I fall into the dark

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That’s fine to take of the steam sometimes you have to let go all negative to be positive and shine

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May the Force be with you


Thanks @Loke may the force be with you and you will accomplish new level of happiness it will be deeper

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my heart is filled with light, i adopted tis light :slight_smile: it was lost but i found it again :slight_smile: hoping i can keep the light inside me now so not going to let it escape :wink:

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