Create sentence that makes you powerful

I am Happy that survived my illness

I have a strange power…

It’s the ability to make a woman laugh so hard and so fast that she loses control and farts by accident. It’s happened at least three times in the past. Of course the women were mortified each time.

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this melancholy has a holy design written on the side of the moon

I fall into its deep grooves.

-Daze (s.m.g.)

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I sat in my cockpit and fired round after round into the falling asteroid until it was blown to small pieces that fell harmlessly to Earth.

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I started the fire That exploded the stars
I raised my hand And the river flooded the lands.
The great catastrophe has begun
I am its maker, its master, its god.

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Skunk. Skunk writes good good good. Skunk smells good good good.
Skunk is good good good.

I payed attention in first grade

Gd absolutely adores me. And I absolutely adore him back. We have a wonderful, caring relationship. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

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