Crazy vivid dream i had last night after getting my dosage raised

I fall asleep and now here we begin, I’m in the car with my mom and dad and my dad is driving super fast and almost crashed into a building when pulling into a parking spot, I tell him to slow down and he just starts driving even faster so we start arguing and I tell him to let me out of the car, so I start walking and I end up in a airport and there are planes everywhere I am trying to get away from the planes because I am afraid of planes so I make it to some place that looks like a race car track stadium but guess what there are planes taking off flying in it, so I trip and fall and a plane wheel in inches from my head as it is taking off and it honks a horn at me and flies into the air, and in my mind I am thinking that the people on the plane saw me and they are screaming and stuff but the plane is flying in circles in the air around the stadium, so I get inside of a bus that’s on the track and than I think that maybe they are stunt planes and they are going to destroy me in the bus, so I try to get as far away from the planes as possible and I climb up a fence but it is too tall and there is the roof of a shack really close to me on the right and people in the stadium seats to the left, so I sit on the fence, and these attack dogs come jumping off the building on the ground by where I would be if I wasn’t on the fence and they are jumping super high at me and I am scared so this other guy walks near the dogs and gets torn to pieces and runs away, so than I am screaming for help and no one hears me except for one guy, skateboarder nyjah huston is in the seats and he tells me to jump from this fence to the fence by the seats and hold onto the rope on the fence so I do and than I am on the seats but I am still scared because between each row there is like a 5 foot drop and I am holding onto the ground because I am so scared I will fall down to the next row of seats than I wake up,
I actually slept like 6 hours this night which is double what I usually sleep so maybe getting my dose raised is a good thing

once during my first psychosis, I dreamt I was in a car accident and only my left hand was left on the road =(

It is weird because 6 years later, I drive a red car like in my dream. I remembered this only a few days ago.