Crazy Sleep Schedule

It’s so annoying. Lately I’ve been waking up at 8:30AM-9:30AM on my days off from school and have been wide awake all day. But today, when I have to go to school, I barely wake up at 10:30AM with two alarms, and I feel tired. Why can’t I just wake up earlier when I have to go to school, and sleep in on days when I am off?

This is just my sneaky brian, but when my day is a clean slate I wake up really well. I have nothing to hurry to and my brain is relaxed and happy.

When there is something important that I’m not looking forward too, my brain will want to sleep in and stay foggy. Maybe your brain is doing that you?

Probably. That sounds like a good explanation for it.

I have heard a lot of people say the same thing. Especially when I was working. If you aren’t looking forward to the day at school that may be playing a part too.

i find my body get used to getting up at a certain time but that is very annoying!

My brain does stupid tricks on me like wake me up before dawn on my days off…I dunno. I take naps when I feel sleepy, which is like once every other day.

That must suck to wake up before dawn on your days off!! Whenever I wake up before dawn, I am usually able to go back to sleep.

I am happy to report that today, on my day off, I initially woke up at 10am, but I was able to go back to sleep until 12PM. I had a crazy dream, though.

When I was working, I would dread the moment my alarm went off, so I would constantly wake up through the night and check the time. I’m sure this lead to poor sleep and when my alarm actually went off, I’d feel so tired.

Then on days off, I’d not have an alarm to dread and got a full nights rest (usually) so I would wake up rested in the morning. Though I don’t usually have any problem going back to sleep after waking up too early as long as my mind doesn’t speed up.

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I found my sleep schedule to be riddled with sleeplessness. Since I quit caffeine and sugar, I found my body to be naturally more restful.

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I have a high caffeine, high sugar diet. Maybe that’s my problem.

You nailed it CarolineC.

I have a bloody awful problem with insomnia, that’s something Id be interested in knowing how to sort

Hi Karl some people grow sensitive to caffeine. And sugar I ate a bunch of chocolates before bed and couldn’t catch a wink of sleep. Know what is causing it for you. And cut back on it. Even after cutting both caffeine and sugar due to my psychosis Trazodone became necessary for some shut eye.

Hi Karl, something I recently read up on and tested for accuracy is spending long amounts of time on electronic devices right before bed time can be damaging to your ability to quiet your mind for a restful nights sleep. Staring at the screens of your cell phone, tablet, lap top or computer does something to the brain, and when it’s time for actual shut eye, the mind rehearses all the digital images as the brain decompresses. I found that cutting out the electronic interaction an hour or more before bed, and reading, meditating on a positive mantras cleared the cache of my mind - so to speak -and allowed me restful nights sleep! Try it out that way a few nights and see if that helps! Good luck!

I read an article on sleep etiquette and it stated that consuming caffeine after one o’clock pm can disrupt your sleep.

Some things that have helped with my insomnia.
Cutting back on caffeine. I only drink it in the mornings and the rest of the day is decaf or herbal tea.
Not eating heavy foods before bed. Your body will be busy digesting while trying to sleep.
Not smoking a lot before bed.
Having relax time before bed. Reading or watching a calm or funny show that you like.
I take 1 mg Melatonine every night.

I have read that keeping a notebook by your bed to write out persistent thoughts or things you want to remember can help clear the mind for sleep. Also meditative breathing.

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I have to do that. I have to write it down now… If I don’t I end up sleep walking and then ranting to my sister at 1:00 a.m. So if I get it out of my head, then my sleep walking gets less.

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