"crazy" look in the eyes

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Your eyes don’t look “crazy” in that photo @Newlyborn

I feel like people can tell somehow with me whether it’s my eyes or mannerisms. I can’t get friends for the life of me.

I only get a crazy look in my left eye. The right eye is friendly.

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i have a picture when i was in acute schizophrenic episode where my eyes look like stunned also a pdoc i know said he know if someone is sick from his eyes .

reading this, i definitely have fixed gaze. people often skirt their eyes away quickly from my eye contact. i have no issue staring into a person’s eyes, but i notice it makes them uncomfortable so i have gotten into the habit of waiting a couple seconds then manually looking away at something else, even though my instinct would prefer to keep looking into their eyes.

interesting about the temperature changes in eyeballs. i guess that might explain why my eyes photograph differently than others. i have always felt self conscious about my eyes. people often go out of their way to comment on them too-i guess i have distinctive eyes and knowing about the mental illness aspect of it makes me get why.

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I don’t think it was in my eyes, but there have been times when I walked up to a group of guys, and after talking to them they would say, “Whew! What kind of drugs are you on?” They weren’t really alarmed. They just thought it was funny.