Crazy identity roller coaster ride

so I was adopted
when I was a kid my adopted mother told me I was a certain ethnicity
then when I got older I found out it was a lie
but kids always bullied me over ethnicity
adults do too now

I took one of the DNA tests that tell you your ancestry
It told me something different again
then all I was believing
I can go out in public and get called a certain ethnic slur and then 10 minutes later the opposite one
I am so tired of it all
why can’t i just identify as me
why do we have to have racial categories anyway? isn’t it based on racism so why no get rid of the categories like some other countries do (I think France is one)
there is no reason why any agency has the right to ask me this
people look at me like a criminal everywhere i go
I am really down and frustrated today
I really am in a horrible place today

we are all made in the image of God (if you believe that) therefore we are all the same, as far as i know anyway.

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Yes, I know what pain is like. Sorry for yours.


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Racism is one of the main causes of war. Most sz people understand prejudice.
SELASSIE said: “Until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, there will be war”.

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