Craziness, voices, FBI and divorce proceedings

This is a very personal story. Back in 2000 when my former US woman had left and there was a divorce process many things happened. One of the most unfortunate events happened at the court room in Lawrenceville, GA. I was a poor man who was not able to hire a lawyer for the divorce proceedings and I had to go alone to the court room where I had never been before. During the divorce hearing Judge Oxendyne started talking about the FBI and other matters which immediately made me to realize that the hearing was more than the divorce hearing. This made to ask a lawyer immediately to which this Judge said ‘no’. I should have told him that I heard voices and my concentration abilities were poor. In addition as I understand all parties in any legal process should have all the information in advance what is handled at the court room rather than receiving some new FBI information there during the hearing. It actually made more crazy and I thought I lost mind completely. Was it some FBI divorce process that I was not aware of? In some countries poor mentally ill people get a lawyer immediately and so they do not have to represent themselves in the situation that they do not understand. No wonder I became more mad.

During all these processes in America I heard voices that I was in the double-jeopardy.

During the divorce hearing in March 2000 I had voices in my head in the voice of Bill Clinton saying that ‘take the 5th’, I know now why I was in the double-jeopardy. I had not done anything and the FBI was after me. Later when I came back to Finland some people communicated to me that ‘the FBI wants to put a bullet through my head’. Just wondering why?

There used to be this homeless hippie who lived on the streets of my hometown for a while. He was suffering from unmedicated schizophrenia and was rather vocal about his delusions. A group of ‘frat kid’ types made it their business to feed his delusions and make them seem as if a reality. They went to some effort to make it seem as though not only the FBI but also the Russian mob really was out to get him. They eventually scared him so much that he left town entirely.

I suppose they probably saw him as weak and less than the human beings they probably thought of themselves as being. When you said that these people had told you the FBI wanted a bullet in your head it reminded me of the way these guys had played with this poor young man’s sick and suffering mind.

Why do you think the FBI was after you? What were they investigating?

Just my thoughts.

I actually told these guys, the ‘frat kid’ types to cut it out once when I saw what they were doing to this poor guy and one of them actually walked over and said to me " What? It’s okay he’s a schizophrenic".

Some very funny thing happened during the divorce hearing. I had never been at any court rooms, I heard voices and did not know how to behave in addition to verbal difficulties I had due to this schizophrenia. Then Judge Oxendyne said ‘if you do stop that behavior you’ll be taken to the lock-up’ after which I stopped all talking. Maybe if I had had a lawyer I would have told about all crimes they had commited against me. What I discovered was total injustice.

Suspected as a Finnish spy? that is strange they would watch someone from there…
As for double jeopardy, there is one area they get away with it and that’s traffic charges. You can go to court on a DWI, or suspended license, and a bunch of other driving related stuff and the court can dismiss it…but the License burea / motor vehicle department also holds hearings and can find you guilty and take your license or impose drivers points on your insurance. It’s total double jeopardy because you have 2 separate agencies try your case and one can find you not guilty and the other find you guilty!