Cravings for hamburgers

About once a month I have cravings for hamburgers.
I love “Teriyaki” burgers.
It’s 8:40pm and I’ve already had dinner so I can’t eat anymore tonight.
I really really want to eat a teriyaki hamburger right now!!
It’s so yammy and how well it goes with the french fries is almost magical.

Yes I can identify with that
A good old American cheeseburger fries and iced coke

I’m like Randy from trailer park boys. I’m always craving hamburgers.

For most days, I eat healthfully but once or twice a month I can’t help but eat junk food like this.
Healthy foods taste rather bland compared to these junk food.
Though I don’t want to eat hamburgers everyday, I wonder why they taste so delicious when I have them?
The manufactures might be making them addictive, I’m not sure, but they taste just great.

My mouth is already started watering just by thinking about them.
I’m sure I’ll have one on this weekend.

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