Crankhead step brother wearing me out

He’s been borrrowing and asking for favors too much lately. Yesterday in the morning he needed $40 and said he’d pay me back later that day. then later that day he called and said his tire blew out on the highway and could I write a check to pay for the wrecker to tow him to his house. I agreed and had to wait at his house two hours before the wrecker showed up and I wrote the check even though all I had was overdraft protection in the bank to cover the check (no funds). well, he did good on covering the check today but I still haven’t seen my $40. this is the last time I’m going to help him. I feel bad for him because he has an extremely broke foot right now that he can’t get fixed because he failed his drug test when he injured the foot on the job so the workman’s compensation and insurance he had dropped him. So he walks on this bad foot. he has admitted to me that he snorts crank once in a while and also smokes crack with a friend of his…sheesh my life.

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Dear Jukebox, I want to say it was good of you to help and now it’s also good of you to step out. For your own sake and for his.

Al-anon is pretty helpful for understanding what we can and cannot do for people we love who have addictions.

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look after yourself first… :heart:
you are a kind soul :trophy:
take care :alien:


Condolences. Few things worse than family that bring you down.


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My deepest sympathy! My uncle was a meth user and alcoholic when I lived with him in my grandparent’s home during my early 20’s. I was sz off and on (I would have episodes) and the added stress of his yelling/unpredictable behavior/bullying was horrible for me.

Can you get out? I can’t tell you how easier my life was when I finally moved back in with my mother. So freeing, liberating. We sz need appropriate environments to thrive and I don’t want to see you get taken advantage of financially, either…

About his foot—can he get on low-income, gov health insurance so he can see a doctor?

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thanks @HQuinn I don’t live with my step brother so that’s a plus. I have decided I just can’t help him anymore. He is getting way too used to asking me for favors and money. Sorry you had to live with your uncle. sounds bad.

I don’t know what he is going to do about insurance. that’s an idea I will run it across with him.

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Big ((((Hug)))) to you @jukebox
Hope things have picked up for you.