Crab Feed Anyone? 🦀

Anyone been to a crab feed? I got invited to go to one tomorrow and am debating if it is a good idea. I’m pretty spent from this week but also am curious.

I think the person taking me said they have an extra ticket for me, and I could pay them back half price. So, crab feed anyone?

:crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab:

What is crab feed?

That is my question :confused:
I think there is crab there that is about it. :slight_smile:

I have been to a crawfish broil, which is super similar, and had a blast even though I was only 12. I recommend it. Eat some seafood and enjoy some company of friends and making new friends.

Is it anything like red lobster?

Crab is tasty, bitch to get the meat out of though. Love crab cakes. Lobsters more popular where I am though, I’m thinking like a big lobster bake but with crab instead.

“Crab feed” is ambiguous. If I were you I would want to know who is being fed to whom. If in 24 hrs time your avatar turns from a hat to a crab, we will know the answer…

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Well I am jealous lol.

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Sweet! I have only had crab a few times in my life. I’m all excited now. I’m going to stay close to my friend and eat a lot of food. :smiley:

Ahhh, the great potato will protect me :wink:

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Sending crab your way.

:crab: :crab: :crab:

Well, I’m stupid and delusional. I am confused now. My bf, i am going to the crab feed with, and i apparently seperated three months ago. I thought we were still together.

I am idk. Confused. Sad. What. He just came back on leave. I feel like my brain is making me a fool. I am going to this b dinner. It is going to be very awkward…

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I really f*cked up

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U didn’t do anything… Enjoy the crab… If it helps ( I can’t remember if u posted on the conflicts form and if u did what u said) imagine them being boiled alive and screaming in the pot… Or being frozen in a comatose state and than before they eve hit reality there dead cause they’ve been heated past possible temps… But ur brain in these situations and ull realize it could be alot worse…

we used to boil our own blue crab we used to catch on the pier. put in a shrimp boil spice bag and do it while the crabs are still alive because if they die they excrete a poison into the crab meat. just saying.

I love crab and lobster. I leave it to the Red Lobster restaurants to get lobster…I’m in the midwest and it has to be frozen crabs for the crab boils.

You said in another thread it would have been 4 years together if not for the breakup. That is a long time to be with someone. I’m not sure what the breakup was like, how you felt about it, etc, but in my opinion it’s always best to have time apart after a breakup, including not talking, even if it happens on friendly terms. I think it’s way too weird for the mind to try to suddenly switch from years as a person’s lover to just friends, and if you didn’t want the break up to happen i.e. you were dumped, then it’s like a thousand times worse.

Or basically what I’m trying to say is that it would be completely reasonable if the breakup caused a huge spike in stress for you, and then if that huge spike in stress triggered a delusion or something. I think people need space after relationships end.


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