Cpz and halodol doc prescriped to me?

chloropromazin e 100 and halodol doc prescriped to me ??
i feel i going to coma
should i tell him i am on 2 nd day only in these medication
or should i wait ? and nothing willl happen
i feel i going to die!!!

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I don’t think you will die @saynow
I think a feeling of being sedated is common, especially if the doses are strong and you haven’t been on meds for a while.
I hope you can continue taking your meds as directed. I also hope you will begin to feel better soon and experience some relief from troubling symptoms and anxiety.

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I take Chlorpromazine 50mg a day and get no problems with it apart from weight gain.

i use to be on oral haldol and it gave me ocular gyric crisis where my eyeballs would roll into my head and i had to look up could not look down or my eyes would have a reflex to roll back into my head to where i could not see

Try to stay alive, drugs can kill you

Haldol is supposed to be pretty good but short lasting.