CPAP helps with psychosis and much more

I just read somewhere that CPAP machines can help tremendously for weight loss, energy levels, metabolism, AND psychosis.

I just got my CPAP machine a month ago, and let me tell you all… getting amazing sleep, will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! My personality, my ability to concentrate, to be goofy, to make people laugh, to be a better clinician, have sky rocketed! It is like I am a different person now. I have Schizoaffective Disorder and have had it since probably 2012 but was diagnosed in 2013 mid year. With stopping substance abuse, pornography, exercising more, acquiring a CPAP machine, having a journal, having a support system socially, seeing my psychiatrist and psychologist monthly, and being surrounded by people who are excellent human beings, I feel like the man I have always wanted to be. Although single and no kids, I am 100% ready to date now.

Can anyone provide me with the resources that show significant health benefits of CPAP with psychosis?

CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure


I just googled cpap and it seems like it would be useful for sleep apnea. Not sure how it could aid weight loss or psychosis though.

It’s common sense that sleeping helps with psychosis. You probably haven’t slept (sleeping through all 4 stages) in years, so everything you’ve mentioned will improve–including psychosis.

When people experience sleep deprivation they will eventually have hallucinations and delusions.

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Getting good sleep can significantly impact your brain and body in a positive way. You’re making me want to go get my sleep study done so I can get a CPAP if I need it. I snore quite a bit.

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