Covid - Has anyone else had to self-isolate?

My step-sister who I saw on the relaxed day of covid rules has just tested positive, so I have to now self-isolate until Tuesday next week :-/

Luckily my parents next door neighbour is doing us food shopping, otherwise I’d be running out of food…

My step-sisters mother has COPD or something, and she is not well now.

Covid Sux.


I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you won’t be tested positive.

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My parents are getting tested now.

If they have it, I will also need a test.

Don’t have any symptoms, but some people can have it without knowing I think.

Thanks for this last little gift 2020! What a year!

Hopefully you and your parents test negative. It’s nice of your neighbors to help out with the food shopping.


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